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As the nuclear industry expands around the world providing an alternative source for the global power needs, keeping the sites running, contamination free and well maintained has produced an array of nuclear inspection demands and the specialists to meet the challenge.

Nuclear power plants have high water needs, meaning cooling and storage tanks and water pipelines. These need to be inspected on a regular basis for signs of leakage and areas in need of repair and sometimes the specialists doing this work use an ROV because of its compactness, precise cameras, reliability, underwater versatility, and ease of set up.

Visual testing, eddy current testing, and ultrasonic testing of core internals inside the nuclear reactor are an important part of confirming the integrity of key components. Using an ROV for this work can speed up inspection times and help ensure nuclear plant reliability, particularly where divers cannot be used because of radiation concerns.

Seamor Marine has a variety of ROV models suited to the work where visual inspection is paramount and conditions are often difficult for manual inspection. Our ROVs are used widely in comparable work in pipeline and water tank inspections - anywhere that ROVs can help inspection companies meet the demanding safety regulations and ensure that performance related equipment operates at maximum efficiency.

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