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ROV Manipulator Arms

ROV manipulator arm, Seamor ROV

Manipulator arms can be installed via plug and play onto all of our ROV's and are controlled via the main ROV controller panel.

Types of manipulator arms we can supply are -

  • Single Function Gripper
  • Dual Function Manipulator
  • Seven Function Arm with collection Carousel
  • Gripper Rope Cutting Attachment
  • Rope Cutter
  • Wire Cutter Tool
  • Wire Brush Tool

  • 7 Function Manipulator Arm Data Sheet

    ROV manipulator arm, Seamor ROV

    The new Seamor 7 function manipulator arm has full work class manipulation with rotating carousel collection trays in a small compact design. With this breakthrough, Seamor ROVs are blurring the line between inspection and work class ROVs.